Gekkoweb services....

IT Consultancy - Gekkoweb offers via our own staff and our extended network; IT SME's (subject matter experts), IT programme & project management (individuals and team) and IT generalists (interim managers, cross-subject leveraging etc.). Gekkoweb uses professionals who have track records of successful delivery in end-customer environments - we do not offer consultants who 'talk' about solutions, but those who have worked in organisations, and have made the process, technology, organisational and service changes operate successfully. However, our professionals are also able to work as an advisor, bringing to bare their real-life experiences in your environments. We also offer small teams who work together in a standard way, whether using our or your process and working infrastructure

Methods & Help - Programme & Project Management, Benefits realisation/chain, ITIL, Cost-benefit, BPR etc. - from within our network of professionals, we make available either complete methodology, or additions/supporting techniques & tools - we don't need or desire to replace the well known cross-company or company specific methods, but havings used many variations, we are able to advise or apply pragmatic use of them in your organisation .... any professional company must follow good and standardised processes, but should also know when, where and how far to mandate their usuage.

Leisure - Gekkoweb understand the importance of leisure activities for employees and their families - this sister endeavour is currently exploring options for the future

Downloads - There is a wealth of text-based material available either free or at low cost from the internet ... as a service to users of our website, we provide a few links, and some downloads of our own