About Gekkoweb....

Gekkoweb was founded early in 2013, based on the desire to make available to companies & organisations the wealth of talent and experience found in experienced IT professionals, who have later in their careers embraced a move towards advisor & consultant, as a way to leverage their hard earned experience from typically 20 year plus working careers.

Whilst not aiming to replace the traditional 'professional consultant' from the well known international companies, we recognise that there is a wealth of talent, skills and experience that seasoned IT professionals possess, and for whom the opportunity to contribute to an end-companies success comes higher than the need to earn ever increasing salaries or status - Gekkoweb makes available an ever growing network of trusted ex-colleagues, that can offer similar services as the big companies (albeit more economically), but can also supplement work by those same companies.

Our professionals are chosen based on recommendations of our members from having worked for a number of years with those same members within generally end-customer organisations, and works on the simple premise of 'would you work with this colleague ?' - we have no pressure to retain professionals within our network, we choose, accept and retain based on proven success and results demonstrated 'in the field'.

Our experience and scope of services is simply that of our members, which in general centres on IT, IT services, IT operations, IT strategy & IT solutions. Our members have had successful careers, and may also choose at some stage to 'return' to an end-customer permanent role, but whilst part of Gekkoweb work hard to delight customers, by succeeding. We offer consultancy, programme/project managment, audit/review, interim management, project support and one-off task-force activities, and will not agree to work which we have no-one adequately experienced or qualified for.